The role played by the term “ikumen”

There are many people in the grandfather generation of today’s babies who have “”never even changed a diaper””.
Even if it is difficult to do so right now, the easy-to-understand term “”ikumen”” will play a significant role in creating a society where men will eventually take childcare as a matter of course.
In order to improve the long working hours in Japan and to increase the amount of men’s involvement in child rearing as much as possible, it is necessary to change the attitudes of society.
The days of “”men should only work”” are too old. This is a well-known fact. The term “”ikumen”” is one of the reasons for this trend.
Wives in Japan should praise their husbands as “”ikumen””. Even if they do complain about it.
Men are simple, so if they are praised, they may become a little more ikumen.
It would be a win-win situation if, little by little, the wife’s role in child-rearing is reduced.
Fathers who work too hard alone.
Japanese men are working too much. Japanese men work longer hours than the average male in OECD countries, and on top of that, they may do about an hour of housework every day.
With the increase in the number of working women, men are expected to take the initiative in taking care of the home. However, men did not have the time to do so in the first place.
Even though the entire country is promoting “”ikumen”” and women’s participation in society, and even though companies are promoting “”zero overtime”” and various work styles such as working from home, in the end, all they are saying is that “”you should achieve the same or better results in less time than before”.
As the term “”ikumen”” implies, there is an expectation that men should take an active role in childcare, but at the same time, there is also an expectation that men should earn money. This dilemma makes fathers suffer.

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