Geisha makeup

” In Kyoto, apprentice geisha, known as maiko, often wear very distinctive makeup. Their faces are covered with a thick layer of white and red lipstick. Black is also used around the eyes and on the eyebrows.
Geisha are required to wear makeup, and unless they are a confirmed geisha, the rules for makeup relax as they age. A geisha’s kimono is only made of pure silk and is tied in the back with a wide sash, called an obi, which is tied at the back. The shape of the knot depends on the age of the geisha. A long, trainable knot is used for maiko, while a shorter knot is used instead for older, more established geisha. Similarly, bright colors and patterns are usually worn by younger maiko. The costume is completed with white socks (tabi) and wooden sandals (geta). Wearing a kimono is a complicated process and the fabric is heavy, so a professional dresser often accompanies the geisha and helps him or her with the dressing. “

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