What comes after New year in Japan? 1

Seijin-no-hi is often translated as Coming of Age day. January 15 used to be “”Coming of Age Day,”” which honors young people who have reached the age of 20 as new adult members of society. It was This was established as a national holiday after World War II. Young people are invited to come of age ceremonies organized by the local government.
Many young women in beautiful long-sleeved kimonos participate in the coming-of-age ceremony. In recent years, the holiday has been made the second Monday in January so that it can be a long weekend. The ceremony will be held in cities, towns and villages across Japan, and anyone can go to the nearest municipal office around noon and join in. However, the young adults start their day much earlier, especially the girls, with their hair and makeup and spend hours fixing and changing into a kimono.

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