Autumn events in Japan 1

The autumnal equinox usually takes place around the end of September and is designated as a national holiday. It takes place during the week of the autumnal equinox, just like the spring equinox, and is a day when night and day are approximately equal in length. In Buddhism, on the Autumnal Equinox, the sun rises from the east precisely and sets in the west precisely, and the spirits of the dead rise from this life and the other world. It is believed that they can cross the river that divides this world and the other world.
That’s why people visit the graves of their family members and pray for the repose of their ancestors by offering flowers and incense. The second Monday in October is a national holiday, Health and Exercise Day. It was established to commemorate the opening day of the Olympics in Japan.
According to meteorological data, it’s usually a sunny day, so many schools choose this day to hold a sports events. In 2000, the government changed this holiday
from 10th of October to the second Monday in October so that people could spend a long weekend. One of the highlights of the year from kindergarten through high school is the annual sports day, the “”Undo Kai””. Parents put down picnic sheets to get a good view of the game and the kids are dressed in their school gym clothes and have red or white reversible hats, depending on their team. It is worn differently.

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