Home Video Game

Home Video Game

The history of the home video game console is parallel to the history of the personal computer. Technically, game consoles and personal computers are so similar that they are brothers.

Home video game consoles began to gain traction in Japan after several competitors introduced new consoles to the market. One of them was so popular that its name became synonymous with video games in general.

At the time, game consoles were 8-bit machines, so they could only produce a limited number of colors and sounds. However, it was a game console that used the most advanced microfabrication technology of the time, and was offered at an affordable price as a state-of-the-art machine smart enough to rival the personal computers that had just become popular in homes.

Video games are still one of the most popular pastimes for children in Japan, where outdoor play is hard to find, with more than 97% of boys between the ages of 13 and 15 playing on a regular basis. Portable game consoles are popular now, but families play on home consoles as well. Many Japanese game makers, along with American companies, are dominating the global game market.

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